Workout from Home

Workout From Home by Ella Fortun
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Working from home doesn’t mean having to stop working out. With fitness and health being a top priority for everyone nowadays, Ella Fortun, a full-time international luxury brand manager and also an instructor at Ride Revolution, is making a case for creating a space for a home gym.

For her vignette, she takes inspiration from her own experiences in balancing a full-time job and an athletic career in creating a safe, adaptable work and workout space at home.

Wall Painting from Art Circle Gallery_Renegade Rower from Chris Sports

Trax Threadmill from Chris Sports

Element Fitness Bike from Chris Sports

Renegade Rover from Chris Sports

Nohrd Bike from Wellness Concepts

Nohrd Threadmill from Wellness Concepts

Accent Chair from Furniture Republic

Stanley Go Water Bottles 24 oz. from Chris Sports

Resistance Bands and Foam Roller from Chris Sports

Ultimate Power Tube_Pink Yoga Mat_Jumping Rope from Chris Sports

Balance Ball from Chris Sports

Medicine Balls from Chris Sports