Support local when you shop for PPE fashion finds at Shangri-La Plaza

With the Spot the Dot stickers, malls guests can score great deals on new normal style must-haves
PPE Fashion

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people dress. Going out now means wearing clothes that provide some coverage to protect oneself and others too.

This is why local brands at Shangri-La Plaza have stepped up to the challenge, offering a range of personal protective equipment (PPE). Shang has also made it easier for mall guests to quickly identify these new must-haves with special discounts via the eye-catching Spot the Dot stickers, so they can save time shopping, and minimize their exposure to others.

For face masks that offer an extra layer of safety and comfort over the usual ones, check out the Banale Active Mask from AlterEgo that comes with the Porous Filtering Technology that can protect users from bacteria, dust, pollen, cold, and harmful ultraviolet rays. Allena also offers the innovative VorText Max face masks that are designed as a concave and made of lightweight, breathable and 3D Spacer Fabrics for unimpeded airflow. Try out the leather face masks from Fino Leatherware designed to survive wear and tear. The brand has also developed a specially formulated, water-based and non-toxic leather disinfectant to keep the mask in good form for a longer time.


Alter Ego Face Masks

Alter Ego, Level 5, East Wing – Banale Active Mask

Allenna Face Masks

Allena, Level 2, Main Wing – VorText Max Face Mask

Fino Face Masks

Fino Leatherwear, Level 3, Main Wing – Leather Face Masks

Head on to Rajo! to find unique face masks with catchy lines like “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” and “Underneath I Am Smiling”. This shop by renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel also offers protective outerwear for women in black, white, maroon, and navy. For more PPE options, visit Mosaic as it offers lightweight protective ponchos with masks that are made of rainy day-friendly water repellent fabric.


Rago! Face Mask and Outerwear

Rajo!, Level 2, Main Wing – Face Masks and Protective Outerwear

Mosaic Poncho

Mosaic – Lightweight Protective Poncho with Masks

For coats that can be easily paired with any outfit, get the Emma coat from MICO Boutique in butterscotch, denim blue, cappuccino, midnight blue, and white. The shop also offers the Palermo protective coat that has a classic unisex design. To keep clothes clean even while on-the-go, check out Regatta for its antibacterial and deodorizing fabric disinfectant spray. Plus, the store also offers minimalist neoprene masks and men’s pullover that can serve as a protective coat.


Mico Boutique Coats

Mico Boutique, Level 3, Main Wing – Emma Coats

Regatta Neoprene Mask

Regatta, Level 5, East Wing – Neoprene Masks

As the global pandemic continues to change almost every aspect of human life, people are now being more mindful of their purchases. That’s why #ShangRecommends mall guests to support local and purchase fashion items that help stop the spread of the virus. #ShopShangNow for purposeful pieces that are carefully curated to address today’s new routines and challenges.

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Alter Ego Banale Active Mask

Allena VorText Max face masks (2)

Allena VorText Max face masks (2)

Alter Ego Banale Active Mask

Rajo! Blue and White Protective Outerwear

Rajo! Face Mask and Maroon Protective Outerwear

Mosaic Green Poncho

Mosaic Face Mask

Mico Boutique Denim Blue Emma Coat

Mico Boutique Midnight Blue and Green Emma Coat

Regatta Neoprene Masks

Regatta Face Masks