MUJI opens largest store in the PH at Shangri-La Plaza

Located at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing
MUJI opens largest store in the PH at Shangri-La Plaza

Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI will be opening its largest store in the Philippines by the first quarter of 2021. This will be an expansion of their previous store in Shangri-La Plaza, which temporarily closed for renovation back in September 2020. From a size of 400 sqm, it will expand to 1,400 sqm. With a much bigger store space, MUJI aims to enhance people’s daily lives by offering products that are fundamental to achieve a simple, pleasant life.


The newly expanded Shangri-la Plaza store will showcase various textures and natural materials such as old wood and metal. With its larger space, MUJI aims to give a more cozy and open environment where customers can comfortably shop and relax. Around 4,000 items will be available in MUJI Philippines’ largest store, including the brand’s array of everyday life essentials such as health & beauty, stationery, travel, kitchenware, houseware, furniture, and electronics products, as well as men’s and women’s apparel, children’s wear, innerwear, bags, shoes, and accessories. In addition, MUJI Shangri-La Plaza will exclusively introduce to the Philippine market some specialty products and services. Among which are MUJI Labo , and services such as consultation for furniture, storage, and interior coordination, styling coordination, and product recommendations as provided by MUJI Advisors. This store will also feature the first MUJI Water Refilling Service and Open MUJI area in the Philippines and will reintroduce its best-selling items at better prices with its Price Review Campaign.



MUJI LABO is a laboratory for the concept of distance from excessive fashion. MUJI wanted to create a clothing line that gives a feeling that it can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender, age, or body type with its simple and streamlined design featuring colors and shapes for easy coordination. With LABO, both men and women can create a wardrobe that only has what is essential and can easily be shared between couples and other members of the family.


MUJI Advisors 

MUJI’s largest store in the Philippines will also offer free consultation services for its customers with the help of MUJI Interior, Styling, and Experience Advisors. 

 The MUJI Interior Advisor service helps customers visualize a space-efficient home with the brand’s simple aesthetic. The Interior Advisor can help give recommendations on what MUJI furniture best fits a customer’s lifestyle at home as well or other household solutions. 

The MUJI Styling Advisor service can help customers refresh their wardrobe by giving guidance on which MUJI clothing fits their lifestyle and personal taste. The Styling Advisor is equipped to address styling concerns such as questions on fit, color, and sizing options. 

Lastly, the MUJI Experience Advisor service helps customers better understand the different products which MUJI offers under the stationery and health and beauty departments. The Experience Advisor is equipped to suggest items that are complementary to a customer’s lifestyle such as skincare items and stationery items that are used daily. 


MUJI Water Refilling Service

With the aim of creating a better relationship with nature, MUJI introduces its reusable water bottles and water refilling service to promote the recycling of natural resources and the reduction of waste. As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste, MUJI Philippines will start to carry reusable water bottles priced at Php 160 each. In addition to this, a free water refilling station will also be introduced in the Shangri-La Plaza store. Customers are encouraged to use the water refilling service for free, especially upon purchase of the MUJI water bottle – this provides the opportunity to consider the environmental implications of using single-use plastic. MUJI believes that this simple act, when done together, can help reduce the amount of plastic waste. MUJI aims to work together with its customers through simple ways that can help conserve the environment.



Open MUJI is a space where the brand can showcase MUJI concepts and house various activities. The Open MUJI Area is a platform where the brand can communicate with customers and convey its message. It is also a place where MUJI Advisors can conduct workshops that help support the community.  


Price Review 

Aside from its new offerings, MUJI reintroduces its everyday essentials at better prices. As MUJI continues its initiative of making products that are more affordable for customers, the brand revisits the prices of its best-selling items especially those that are used every day. By further promoting reasonable prices for its products, MUJI aims to better serve the daily lives of its customers. Since its inception, MUJI has been offering high-quality products that focus on using natural materials that are sustainably sourced and are reasonably priced. By visiting the production sites and factories of raw materials and sharing knowledge with production partners, MUJI is able to reduce its operational costs and offer its products at better prices. For this price review, MUJI focused on basic everyday items that promote a simple and pleasant lifestyle, to which customers can look at and say “This is enough”. Today, it has become harder to create a balance between work, study, and relaxation, as people tend to stay home all day. With that, MUJI aims to help customers spend their daily lives pleasantly with the help of good quality everyday products. These select Price Review items can be used for daily activities such as working from home, running errands, or even relaxing.