House Party

Gear up for Zoom parties and protocol-approved small, intimate gatherings
House Party Featured Image

Micah Pinto is helping mall guests gear up for Zoom parties and protocol-approved small, intimate gatherings. The executive director of non-government organization Para Sa Sining puts together a cozy and homey space to welcome back family and friends or get in touch with them virtually.

This vignette blends together greens, yellows, and earth tones that instantly make any space warm and inviting.

Candle Candles from Yankee_Reed Diffuser from Yugen_The Art of War & Love in the Time of Cholera from National Bookstore_ Center Table from Blims

Candle from Yankee Candle, Green & Gray Ceramic Vase from Commune

Clock from Restoration_Walnut House Shelf & Mirror from Commune

Yellow Ceramic Vase from Commune_Wild Philippines, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Culture and History, Forgotten Women, Hippie from National Bookstore

Binocular Stand from Commune

Green Lantern Lamp from Restoration

Radio from Restoration

Binocular Telescope from Commune

Fake Turtle Display from Rustan's

Penguin Display from Restoration

Dining Table and Gold Coaster Set from Commune_Dining Chairs from Restoration_Table Runner and Moroccan Plate from Rustan's

Drinking Glassware and Wine Glass from Rustan's

Wooden Chopping Board and Wooden Serving Board from Commune_Rose Gold Utensils and Place Mat from Rustan's

Salad Plate, Striped Dinner Plate & Yellow Dinner Plate from Rustan's

Wine Cabinet and Juice Jar from Restoration_Mabe Wine Chiller from GE Monogram_Wine Glasses(Set of 6) from Rustan's

Stoneware Pots from Ashley Furniture Home Store

Green Couch from Blims_Throw Pillows from Commune

Rosette Ottoman from Restoration

The Little Prince from National Bookstore _ White Ceramic Vase & Brown Wood Side Table from Commune

Throw Pillow from Commune _Yellow Accent Chair from Furniture Republic_Carpet from Ashley Furniture Home Store

Tower Speaker from 5th Avenue Electronic City _Rover Side Board from Commune

Turn Table from 5th Avenue Electronic City

Yellow and White Ceramic Vase from Commune_Telescope from Restoration