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Shop Number 103, Level 1
633-1631 / 631-0044 / 634-8019

Step into Lush at the Shangri-La Plaza and prepare to have your senses arrested. At Lush, shopping for basic cosmetics like soap or shampoo becomes a fun experience with the cool wood-paneled environs bringing some of the store's hippie ethos into the mall. Colorful soaps and massage bars for touching, with their silkiness lingering on fingertips, while the sweet fragrance is a buffet of recollections from a bouquet of flowers to a trip to the chocolate factory (the massage bars are made from fine Belgian chocolate). It’s strange to want to bathe in Lush’s wares and at the same time want to nibble at it. Where else can you buy sweet-smelling Karma, a hair moisturizer called The Strokes, Rehab for your hair, and Angels on Bare Skin (to exfoliate, soften and moisturize skin all in one)?

Everything in the store is a splash of scents and color: slabs of soap (cut per gram), boxes of bath ballistics (which turn baths into giant tubs of soothing Alka-Seltzer), and bath gels of every hue, all of which are made from fresh fruit, vegetables, finest essential oils, and safe synthetics. None of their products or ingredients is tested on animals and a complete listing of ingredients is always listed on the packaging. While the brand originates from London, production facilities all over the world, including Singapore, guarantee that customers get nothing but the most fresh handmade products. All this freshness may result in products having a use-by-date, but that’s forgivable since customers seem to be eating them all up.

With over two hundred shops all over the world, Lush at Shangri-La is the only one in the Mandaluyong area. Lush is operated by Store Specialists, Inc.